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Utility Tree Services

  • Crane and Boom
  • Cable line clearing
  • Distribution line clearing
  • Industrial Landscaping
  • Industrial Vegetation Control
  • Railroad Vegetation Clearing
  • Right of Way Access
  • Scheduled Landscaping Maintenance
  • Stump Removal Service
  • Telephone line clearing
  • Transmission line clearing
  • Tree Hazard Relocation
  • Utility Access Clearing
  • Utility Services
  • Vacant Lot Service

Utility Tree Service Delta

When storms and wind are a regular occurence, power outages can be quite common. When the culprit is a downed tree or branch on power lines and your neck of the woods has been affected, your power company dispatches a utility service provider. And when more Delta, British Columbia and area, households get left in the dark, or without water or communications, you will likely see one utility care team more frequently.

Tall Timber Tree Services LTD remains the trustworthy choice in utility tree services. Since 1998, we’ve helped more utility companies clear the way to faster help than any other contractor group around.

When the community needs help getting back onto its feet, you can still see our technicians offering faster assistance each time. Contact us as soon as there are issues with your utility lines and receive the contractors that always get results.

South Surrey Utility Clearance

When a fallen tree has knocked out power, we are the company to call for fast emergency service.

We assist more residents and businesses in coming back up from any tree-related outage. We work along with more utility services and local government agencies to ensure the community stays online.

From better maintenance to clearing a path for better utility worker access, you can count on us to help speed the process along each time. Contact our team today to assist you with your efforts.

Why Choose Us?

Whatever the situation your team encounters, be it fallen branches or trees, snow storms resulting in power outages, or any type of transformer issues you can always depend on our company for the best service around. 

Choose Tall Timber Tree Services LTD for superior utility services.

Whether you are an industrial company who needs help getting their technicians to the source, or a concerned homeowner who knows we’re needed onsite, you can count on our tree care experts for any situation. Keep your customers happier with the best selection of utility contractors today serving all of Delta, White Rock and South Surrey.

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